This well-regarded, well-attended training program has previously concentrated on the pursuit of grants from the private and public sectors. Grant seeking remains incontestably important as a means of generating assets for your nonprofit. But as my book emphasizes, effective fundraising demands more than attention to grants. 

This is why the training now is built for you as fundraisers who must diversify the means to finance nonprofit programs, or to underwrite the costs of bringing your creative, vital ideas to fruition. You're likely to be the ones considering the rigors of competing for grant funds, weighing into the crowded realm of crowdfunding, making a pitch while standing before the members of a civic or professional organization, or making a strong appeal while sitting down face to face with an individual donor.

So now, you will be deeply involved in developing and reinforcing the skills you need to create the one proposal framework to guide you every time an opportunity to seek resources presents itself. You will prepare to use the tactics and strategies that make it possible to approach funders from a position of strength rather than on the figurative bended knee.

Mine is a two-day session to foster maximum learning through working together in groups. 20 participant maximum. If yours is an organization that can provide or secure a facility for training, you get two free seats at the training.