Another Mission (Mis)Statement

The mission of XX Community Clinic is to work in partnership with our patients and community, providing everyone with health care services, education and support needed to live whole, healthy and satisfying lives.

Leaving aside the absence of a time frame, any hard numbers, and some vague terms, THE EMPHASIS IS ON ACTIVITIES! These folks might thrust their chests out to proudly assert that indeed staff are working in partnership and delivering the goods. 

And ever so often, as many examples I have encountered in many funding proposals attest, leave out any concern for or focus on whether the "patients and community" are indeed living as well as the statement infers.

So why not realign the emphasis by stating the mission this way? The mission of XX Community Clinic is to ensure that patients and participating community members achieve whole, healthy and satisfying lives by working in partnership with them to provide them with health care services, education, and support as needed. THE EMPHASIS IS ON THE BENEFITS FROM ACTIVITIES! 

If you want to continue wrapping your arms around this distinguishing tactic in reaching out for resources, my book, Functional and Funded, gets you there, and can be ordered on this site.