What My Two-Day Resource Development Training for Nonprofits DELIVERS!

Proposal Development and Much More – Added Value To Our Two-Day Intensive

The book is written and the author resumes training, something I have done all over this country for years. My longstanding, well received training program resumes with a new thrust, something more than the sum of its sensible ingredients when applied to the expanding arena where nonprofits need to be active. This means the program is – and has, in truth, been for a long time – a two-day gathering to consider the importance of describing and presenting your nonprofit as a respectable, resilient and resourceful one, and to wrap your arms around the principles that make this possible.

In other words, this training program goes well beyond making it possible to strengthen how you pursue grants, though this basic nonprofit necessity will always be there for the taking. You will walk away from this training understanding the core principles to use whenever and wherever you need to present your nonprofit at its best. For example: 

  • the well-planned proposal out-the-door, or the hastily conceived one when you learn of an imminent funder deadline
  • the occasional opportunity to follow up the proposal you submitted with a sit-down meeting with funder reps
  • pulling together the materials needed to respond to a social media funding opportunity 
  • developing and submitting your business plan, and/or your organization's long range plan
  • developing and embracing your organization's fund raising plan
  • contemplating and preparing for a possible collaboration with another organization
  • producing the copy for your direct mail solicitation
  • a planned face-to-face meeting with a prospective donor
  • making a presentations to civic organizations that spread resources around your community to include your nonprofit
  • chance meeting where you've got a few moments to serve up your version of what is often called the elevator pitch
  • interacting with media outlets to get them to highlight your outfit
  • distributing public relations materials

So, as you contemplate the ever-present scenarios to seek varied assets to support your organization's work, there is now reason for enthusiasm about using electrons to bring your nonprofits front and center. Whether to help others better understand the work of your nonprofits and why they do this – have you set up your organization's Facebook Page? – or to respond to the new requisites of different funders out there – the number of grant makers shifting to on line-only proposal submissions continues to accelerate – there's much to do. 

All the acquired media savvy in the world won't mean much, though, if there is no clearly understood basis for articulating your organization's message when you do choose various techniques to capture attention and resources. The medium you choose may change, but the message about your organization and its work needs to stay strong and steadfast. The message matters. This training shares with you what I label the core principles of any nonprofit organization that must be used to frame your message. 

As you work across various domains to present your nonprofit organization, especially as you seek resources for it, your efforts will benefit from the ability to present your organization from a perspective and position of strength and resilience in its natural or community setting, the place where it pursues its mission. This, in turn, depends on the quality of your organization's people, leaders among them, to offer and share a vision. This vision should describe the interrelationships and dedication to community engagement needed to bring about the improved quality of life expressed in your mission statement. This training will inform that vision.           

 And, when it comes to convincing others to make a decision to place their resources within your organization's grasp, it seems reasonable to imagine that prospects will improve when your people – participants, beneficiaries, volunteers, board members, and staff members are all and each able in their own way to:

tell a compelling story about your organization's work, consistently marked by the success of the people who participate in your programs;

tell that story well, the prospect of which is strengthened by the relationships & connections your organization and its people have, so your message is not an isolated one;

and do so in a time when perseverance & creativity are needed to adapt your resource development efforts to changing opportunities.

 This two-day training will present participants with the opportunity to fully grasp the principles by which to tell that story well.

The training will continue to feature a familiar combination of interactive discussion, follow up application, and review to reaffirm learning, with as much work in small groups as time allows. There will be discussions about also establishing a follow up learning cohort or list-serve through which to continue discussing real life applications and challenges after the two days are completed.

Along with supportive handout materials, each participant will receive a copy of  Functional and Funded, Harvey Chess's eminently readable and relevant book,  published in the last year, along with a link to download the book's Resource Developer's Toolkit. If your organization is interested in hosting this vital training program, get in touch with me, and we'll see how we can work together.