Shameless Plug

With the re-emergence of this web site & blog, my new book will be front & center for a while, as the link to its purchase should make clear. Nonetheless, I want to plug it here because it is an important book among the many that get pulled together in the name of nonprofit resource development. As I mentioned in another forum, Functional and Funded – The Inside-Out Strategy for Developing Your Nonprofit’s Resources,is meant to be a constant, repeatedly useful and inspiring companion for people who plug away at going after resources for their nonprofits. This includes seeking grants, setting up a crowdfunding site, speaking to a local service organization, or sitting down with an individual to make the ask. What distinguishes the book from others of its kind is the emphasis on using business as unusual to prepare for such efforts.

A theme I mean to emphasize in the book is that the core message that ought to mark every scenario where you seek out resources to support your particular version of helping people you care about improve the quality of their lives should be unwavering. This doesn't forego what we could imagine as nuances or areas of emphasis that could inform the work you would wish to undertake on their behalf, meaning that it makes perfectly good sense to go after resources for certain types of interventions or programs. But the core argument on which any program should be based is the part that is unwavering, and that is that the circumstances among your folks call out for change and you & they know this.

If this moves you in any way, we could continue the conversation. Meanwhile, buy the book. As good a 20 bucks as you're likely to spend. Alternative: $9.99, ebook, if you're electron-centric.